FTi - Aviation Refueling, Aircraft Refueling
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FTi - Aviation Refueling, Aircraft Refueling
FTi - Aviation Refueling, Aircraft Refueling
FTi - Aviation Refueling, Aircraft Refueling
FTi - Aviation Refueling, Aircraft Refueling
FTi - Aviation Refueling, Aircraft Refueling
FTi - Aviation Refueling, Aircraft Refueling
FTi - Aviation Refueling, Aircraft Refueling
FTi - Aviation Refueling, Aircraft Refueling
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FTi - Moving Technology Forwards

Introducing: FT RAZER "Rechargeable Aircraft Zero Emission Refuelling"

FTi - Moving Technology Forwards
With ever increasing examples of climate change and the role of carbon emissions being muted as the cause we are all having to make strides to reduce our carbon foot print. Consumers are placing increased pressure on companies to provide green solutions to previously accepted norms. Airports are not excluded; reference the recent "Airport Carbon Accreditation" scheme being the European airport industry’s response.

"According to a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (2001), aviation contributes to 2% of global manmade CO2 emissions. It is estimated that airport activities account for up to 5% of total aviation emissions".

The FT RAZER "Rechargeable Aircraft Zero Emission Refuelling" is part of Fluid Transfer’s drive to provide improved solutions to the aviation fuelling business. This new electric vehicle design benefits from a number of technological advances both in operating cost efficiency and environmental impact such as:

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint: - all of the above features contribute to a reduced carbon footprint.
  • Zero exhaust pollution: - The FT RAZER is the first Dispenser with completely zero emissions. That’s 0% - NOx, SOx, CO and CO2.
  • Zero noise pollution: - Electrical drive transmissions are noted for their silent operation when travelling.
  • Reduced running costs: - The potential cost saving from using off peak electricity against the ever increasing cost of diesel is of significant benefit.
  • Reduced maintenance costs: - The vehicles transmission is reduced to one drive motor locked in a gear for forward and reverse motion. Fewer "moving" components results in reduced maintenance.
  • Higher operational availability: - Fewer "moving" components results in improved operational availability.
  • No idling when fuelling: - During fuelling operations the vehicles electrical transmission is isolated saving diesel costs and generating zero noise.
  • Simple Operation: - With one simplified gear for forward and reverse the drive is far less complex than a diesel equivalent.
  • Overnight charge: - Plugging in the vehicle at the end of a shift there is the opportunity to take advantage of off peak electricity rates.

Currently in operation at London Stansted International Airport, Andy Chandler, Operations Manager of Stansted Into Plane Co. is extremely pleased with all aspects of the Eco-friendly RAZER’s performance " FT RAZER will be chosen next over a convectional diesel driven unit".

Also fitted to this vehicle are further demonstrations of FTi’s drive for improved fuelling solutions are:

FTi’s FueltronicTM fuelling control system is fitted to this FT RAZER design. The system has been in live trials for over six months and has been received with great enthusiasm. Integrating all the common fuelling vehicle functions into one Primary Control Unit (PCU) this can be complimented with the FueltronicTM Cab Control Unit providing live interlock status information on a LCD screen on the dashboard.

LAS’s AvtrolTM/ Opti-MIM fuel truck automation system is also fitted to the vehicle to automatically capture all meter readings and associated Point of Sale data at the fuel truck and wirelessly transmit that data to our Opti-MIMTM fuel management software. Opti-MIM software provides real time inventory reconciliation, truck sheets, and reports by meter, tail number, truck ID, operator, and fuel type.

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